What We Do

Specializing in preparing organizations for digital transformation, AtkCo provides the resources and talent to support a techno-centric future for traditional companies. AtkCo delivers coaching and training across the United States and Canada to fortune 500 and fintech companies.


Agile Coaching

We coach large corporations and their teams to transform and master agility at scale through the Scaled Agile Framework.

We deploy our consultants on site to provide the coaching guidance and training your organization needs to solve problems and build products in emerging technology.


Future of the Workforce

The logistics behind deploying SAFe trainings can become a large pain point in the lives of the Agile Coach.

We provide pre-assembled course materials and printing services to individual Agile coaches who conduct independent trainings. By providing this service, coaches can focus less on materials and more on providing best in class experiences.


Learning Resources

We prepare workforces by providing transformative training experiences.

We use A.I. and gamification to provide e-learning that connects busy practitioners to role-based curriculum, technology trends, and a community of practice. We help our community adapt to the everyday nuances and cutting edge trends of implementing digital transformation.