Technology Pipeline Scholarship

In December of 2017, fueled by AtkCo's mission to impact community, AtkCo launched the pipeline scholarship for self-identified professionals of color. By providing the opportunity for those in need to attend AtkCo certification training for a nominal fee, we want to make sure that the  community has access to build product development skills, network, and mastermind. The scholarship started with one woman's donation of her money and time and has grown organically. Today, a percentage of proceeds from product sales go toward the growth of the program.

In less than a year, the pipeline program has benefited 15 professionals across the Midwest providing professional skills building and technical certifications. With the support of the program,we have achieved access to professional network expansion, certified 5 scrum masters, put 5 entrepreneurs through digital branding training, and increased earnings by $60k collectively. 

Excited by the potential of the program, AtkCo has a mission to increase community member earnings $1M by 2020. Apply below and join our commitment to community.


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